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First Play with iTunes 10

The immediate noticeable change with iTunes is there logo or shortcut link image has changed.

Now a bright blue background with a musical note in as you can see. On opening iTunes the layout has again changed. On first impressions I would say it looks very dull, a bit grey and miserable. This is more noticeable when you compare it to the way it previously looked.

The next thing I noticed was that to maximise and minimise the program the links have now been moved to display vertically rather horizontally as they used. It’s not a radical change but to be fair looks kinda cool.

The next new thing was Ping iTunes own social network group. Now personally I’m still trying to work out the point to this. Do we really new another social network? Why not incorporate existing services such as Twitter, or Facebook? The 1 valid reason that I could come up with was security. With 165 million active accounts and some with one-click it needs to be secure. So ping can only be used through iTunes itself. Although was rather disappointed that Steve Jobs doesn’t automatically become your friend. I guess he didn’t want to be the Tom (myspace) of 2010.

My taste in music varies. I like all type of music but was rather disappointed to find that I could follow 3 genres of music. People don’t like to limit themselves to music. I’m sure you wouldn’t find anyone that’s says I only like 1 type. So maybe this will be something that will get addressed soon.

The good thing about the new rental services is as before after a download you have to watch the TV shows within 30 days of you renting it, however, once you start watching a show, you can now have an extra days grace and will have to finish watching it within 48 hours or else you will not be able to watch it again. The TV shows as before can be watched on either your PC, iPhone or iPod Touch. There is no option for iPad users, but iPad users will also get the ability with iOS 4.2 for iPad and AirPlay. The great thing is now Apple have changed it so when a new film becomes available to buy on DVD it will then be available to rent on iTunes, where as before hand you did have to wait a while

A great new addition is the way iTunes backs up your device in my case my iPhone. It syncs alot faster, clearer storage meter (which ironically is the only bit of colour on iTunes now), and a stage indicator. This will indicate what stage of syncing it’s in ie stage 1 – backup.

All in all some nice new touches, the revamped renting process I think is fab. Apart from it’s dull UI it’s a top program to manage your music.

If you have any thoughts on the new iTunes 10 why not leave a comment.


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