What Does Apple Have in Store?

September 1st brings Apple’s yearly music orientated get together. This I believe more than certainly entertain the idea of new devices such as a new iPod Touch which I briefly mentioned in my post dated 28/08/2010 but what else?

Well an updated iTunes. Although it may not be released tomorrow an idea as to what it may be called (one can only assume iTunes 10) and what lovely new features it’ll include would be great news.

Having been first launched in January 2001 at the Macworld Expo, iTunes reached version nine at last year’s September music-centric . Apple has essentially released a new version of iTunes every year, with the exception of 2005, when it released iTunes 5 in September and then jumped ahead a full version number to iTunes 6 the following month. Taking all this in account it would be a fairly sensible bet to say a new version is on it’s way. Especially with apples purchase of Lala. So could we finally get a cloud based music store?

I have never found anything wrong with the current way iTunes works however it would be good to see some sort on subscription based ways to purchase content.

Others have talked about wireless syncing between iTunes and your apple devices. This in theory sounds like a fab idea but having tried syncing a few photos from iTunes onto apple tv via wireless I’d rather stick to the current way on syncing my content.

Also could be see the iPod classic be discontinued? The mobile hard drives were a revolution back in the day however flash drives is where it’s all at.

We shall see……..


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