Days Out

Racing on the mendips

Well a top top day today. Bit of a shaky start to be fair which I think was my fault. Went to a pub quiz last night which was good fun, but me being me over ate and didn’t feel particularly well especially when I woke up this morning.

Still Mrs B came to the rescue with some stuff to settle my tummy and all was good. The plan for today was to burrington Coombe on the bikes and then to the mendip raceway to watch caravandalism. In the end had a big bike crowd, in the end 5 bikes made a bit of a racket but good. As ever pleased to say my friends ditched me at the 1st sign of a straight. But hey I’m learning faster bikes will come my way soon.

Made it to mendip raceway. And such a fab glorious day, even me good ol chum Chris made it. Long old day racing starts at 1:15 and all finished about 6:30. The caravandalism was good however felt as though there were too many on the track. Now I know the whole point is that they crash into each other however because there were so many on the 1st bend it got blocked and took a while to clear. And occurred on more than 1 occasion. However come next season it’s well worth a vist. Check out


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