Well apple are to make a bid for there place in most wanted items for this Christmas’s wish list.

On the 1st of september Apple will be holding a “special ” event that is being held on 1st September, a week earlier than reports had initially suggested. Now for apple to do an event like this would suggest something new and exciting is on it’s way. Something radical. When they update or improve macs as they have done recently a press release is all get, as to be fair why go to the expense to say our macs are now faster.

1 item that has been rumoured is an updated iPod touch. Now I think it’s fair to say it’s going to look fairly similar to the newly launched iPhone 4. Things that it may likely include is the new retina display and have the ability to make face time calls using such services such as skype.

The main event though or the main thing people will eagerly anticipating is the new and updated apple tv and all being well new rental service. It is expected the first thing that is rumoured to change is the name. In keeping with the i in every product such as iPhone, iPad etc…yep you’ve guessed it iTv. Having a browse around the web and looking at some pictures it is again rumour but may even have a blue ray drive.

We’ll just have to wait and see.


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