Is iPhone 4.0 Around the Corner?

Well essentially, it almost looks like a cert that there will be a new iPhone. There have been many leaks of late saying there may be a new 1 on the way but recently a few events have taken place to suggest that all rumors and suggestions were indeed true. This has all started since apple engineer Gray Powell accidently left the prototype iPhone in bar.

Apparently when he realised the phone was missing he alerted Apple and the authorities. The phone was picked up by an unknown but as the prototype was in a case disguising it as a normal 3GS nothing looked unfamiliar. Now to point out that for a prototype to be out in the field, the design and how it works functions etc is a clear sign that a new phone is about to be released. It has been suggested before the 3GS was released there approx were 200 prototypes in the field. The main reason why this is done is to see how the phone interact with live cell towers rather than within the confines of a lab. Once who ever had the phone discovered that this wasn’t a normal iPhone it was subsequently sold. The question is, who ever had the phone did they try and contact Apple? Or did Apple fob them off? Walking in to an apple store and saying I have your next gen iPhone would certainly get you a personal escort out of the shop by security I’d of thought. According to Californian law a lost item should be handed in to the police or handed back to rightful if located. If not then a situation could be classed as theft. Either way on June 7th all tech fans will know the truth about what the new phone has to offer.

But what else will apple have to offer us? Well there have been many rumours. One is is a cloud based iTunes. With the purchase of earlier in the year this would seem like a pretty cool idea but can’t really see it. One thing which would be cool is a suscription based iTunes. Aother rumour is that MobileMe may become a free service.  All these of which are exactly as whats stated, RUMOURS. The one thing apple is very good at is keeping a fairly tight lid on new and upcoming products and updates, all I know is for sure is apple fanatics will be looking forward to June 7th and watching with anticipation.


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