The Best App For iPhone

OK, well to say that this app is the best app for the iPhone is maybe an over statement but still I think it’s pretty high up there.  The app in question is Peter Dickson’s Pocket Announcer.

For those of you who don’t know who this guy is basically he is a voice over man who has become a name in his own right and is on absolutely everything.  More commonly know for the voice overs on E4 and X-factor.

Quapps have made this app and have incorporated the facility to purchase more content for the app within the app itself.

So what can you do with it?  Well the app itself is just purely for fun, or when you have a quiet moment at work and you feel that someone should be pranked.  The app is broken down into several parts.

  • sentence Maker
  • Prank Caller
  • Sound Board
  • Ask Peter
  • Alarm Tones
  • Ring Tones

So lets see whats what,

Ring Tones – Well this is self explanatory, but there 10 ringtones included with the app, ranging from alerting you that your girlfriend is calling right the way to the mother in law, with other in-app ringtones available for purchase.  The downside is that you are unable to save immediately to the iphones memory and use as a ringtone.  You will have to create the ringtone using Garageband or something similar.

Alarm Tones – Much the same as ring tones.  You have a selection included within the app with the ability to purchase more.  Again you are not able to save the file directly and will have to import the file using Garage Band or similar.

Ask Peter – Remember the magic 8-ball?  Well this is Peter dicksons version of this.  For those of you who don’t check out What is Magic 8-Ball

Sound Board – Within the soundboard, there is a selection of pre-recorded sayings and quotes.  These are broken down into Quotes, Scouse, Quiz Spoofs.  I am not really sure in the purpose in this however, it can be quite entertaining.

Prank Caller –  Now this is where I think the most fun can be had. The thing that differs from other prank apps out there is that this will drag the unassuming person on the other end of the phone along with the whole gag, as in they usually won’t be able to tell it’s a prank which means you can get away with asking some daft questions.  There are 2 main conversations already set up.  The one thing this bit is missing is the ability to create your own conversations using appropriate pauses when necessary, although this may be created within the sentence maker.

sentence Maker –  Peter has recorded several thousands of words and phrases and all of them have been added into Pocket Announcer. When using the Sentence Maker, you are able to construct unique sentences and have them shouted back by Peter in his famous X-Factor voice immediately from your phone. You are able to save sentences and select from a range of pre-defined ones from over 60 categories.

So is this app worth £1.19, well yes, in my mind it is.  There is no point to it but it’s 1 of those apps that are worth having for comedy value. Be it to prank a friend or make a dull day in the office a little more cheery it’s worth the money.  This will soon be available for android phones aswell.


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