Sorry for the neglect

firstly i’ve not updated this for a few days so I must apologise for that. Bad times! The weekend was good, fairly busy but yet VERY productive, the sunday more so than the saturday.

We bought a car, well Mrs B did, very swish it’s a 307 which is pretty cool, but I would like to point out that I discovered the car. whoop whoop! We bought the car from a local garage called Roberts 4 cars

and the propriotor was the nicest guy ever and this is why. I said that Mrs B liked the 307 and he asked if we had anything to use as part exchange so we said yes, as Mrs B’s car wasn’t with us he said take the new car to go and collect it which we did. Upon arriving back at the garage he inspected our 106 and offered us a good deal. Now time was ticking as it was nearly 4 and they close at that time. BAsically we said that we really liked the car but would like to show Mrs B’s parents the car and we said that we needed to get back home as we were cooking tea for them. I know full well the guy was trying the make the sell, however how many people working on a sunday would say this? “Thats ok, take the car home to show them, and let them have a nosey round it and then drop it back, I can hang around for a while after 4” He didn’t need to it but he did, the fact he went that extra mile I think clinched the deal. So thanks to that we collect our new car on Sunday which is super exciting.


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