What a day! Today has been my day off, which is unusual of late. Normally been having a lot of Saturdays off which is great. The plan for today was to get up go to hairdresser’s, see our friend Keith who is in hospital then go to see the folks.
Woke up and cancelled my hair appointment then went online to buy some domain names for my friend Dangerous. He has an accordion band and he’s recently asked me to make a website for him which is great as it’s all experience. I ammended some prices for a website I manage for someone and the all the plans I had gone out the window everything just seemed to take ages.

There have been 2 main highlights of my day. My mate Andrew came to visit. He has an audition tomorrow in Manchester, I did see if I could get the day off to go with him but sadly no joy. The 2nd highlight is when mrs b came home and I cooked a rather splended tea.

Today has been a day of celebrity deaths and illness. Alexander McQueen has passed away, although I’m not 100% sure who he is may he rest in peace. The 2nd is Bill Clinton has been taken unwell apparently some heart complaint. Listening to the news he’s had a stent put in so get well soon.

Night all.


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