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Thanksgiving | What are you most thankful for?

Macys Thanks giving Parade, something I’d love to attend one day

Firstly I’d like to wish all that celebrate it a Happy Thanksgiving day. This post is really inspired by a blog post by Richard Branson stating what he was thankful for.

This past year has been a very interesting one for myself with lots of upheaval something I am certainly not used to. But I gave this some thought today and have realised that it’s the simplest of things but am also extremely lucky to actually have these things that I am thankful for. That is my health and also my family and friends. Without the love and warmth of my family and closest friends I would have really struggled this year especially without them.

I would really like to hear what you are most thankful for.

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British Remembrance Day | Remembering Those Who Died For Us

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Today is British Remembrance Day which as some of you may know is always held on November 11th.  It was on this day in 1918 that World War I ended, when the armistice was signed in northern France at 5AM.  6 hours later the fighting stopped and to commemorate those who died for their country a 2 minute silence is held at 11AM UK time.

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My One and Only

What one luxury do you refuse to live without

This is tricky! Of course things like computers phones etc I would personally say are a given.

The thing I would refuse to live without is a bit random. Curry. I am a huge curry fan. For me my luxury is to go to my favourite local Indian restaurant for a meal there or a takeaway. I simply couldn’t live without my regular fix of this


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Blogging Again

PenIt’s been rather fun looking back at my old posts. Brought back some great memories but also at the same time some very sad ones. I have never really a specific reason for this blog, as in it doesn’t have or never has had any type of market to aim for. It’s mainly been for fun. I want to to keep the fun element but also I want to provide information for different things such as web design, wordpress and SEO. For the time being while I work out exactly what I want the blog to do I thought I would re-open my blog and share some of the posts and videos I have done in the past.

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